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Trader, Manager & Consultant

As a former Investment Bank Executive Director, senior trader and business owner I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with my clients. Furthermore I still undertake consultancy work both in the financial and Insurance sectors and have retainer contracts with a number of wealthy clients.

Qualified Therapist and Coach

I have a number of qualifications in the fields of hypnotherapy and NLP as well as CBT and Individual and Organisational Stress Management. I have completed the Robbins Madanes Core100 training and am a member of the International Association of Coaches and Therapists.

Certified Instructor & Trainer

I have been previously been certified as a hypnotherapy instructor for the two largest major international hypnosis training organisations and am a former certified trainer in NLP. I run a number of workshops, seminars and certification programmes as an adjunct to my therapy, coaching and mentoring.


My approach to working with clients and what I expect of them

I am comfortable knowing that my individual way of coaching, mentoring and helping others is very effective and I realise that it's not so much HOW you get there with a client, but that you DO get there in the best way for them as individuals and in a way that equips them better for the future.



My path into coaching and mentoring & personal development

With a career in two of the World's most respected names in banking, seeing me promoted all the way up to the level ofexecutive director and having played a key role in developing a metals business that not only grew and performed consistently over many years, but which successfully navigated its way through the 2008 financial collapse with exceptional results I should have felt satisfied. Coupled with the fact that in that particular year, the books I managed had outperformed the previous records set for them (by me!) I should have felt happy, confident, positive and compared to what was happening to many around me, relieved.

But I didn't feel any of these, I just felt stressed, demotivated and despondent.
As my anxiety and frustration grew, so too did a feeling of uncertainty as to what direction my career was heading. My anxiety developed into stress and it was through experiencing this stress, seeking help to overcome it and subsequently researching the causes and ways to effectively manage it, that my fascination with psychology, therapy, counselling, personal development, coaching and change work blossomed.
The process and experiences of therapy and coaching for stress management taught me a lot. They taught me an incredible amount about myself and it also taught me that both therapy and coaching, when done successfully, are as much about the skill of the coach or counsellor as they are about the science or anecdotal efficacy of the processes. Those processes and my ensuing research also taught me to begin to positively challenge my own personal beliefs, to look at the wider implications of stress and emotional issues in the workplace and in peoples personal lives and to begin to explore bigger questions about meaning and the seemingly indeterminate psychological drivers that led people to be successful or suffer from emotional problems. The professionals I begun to work with and the avid research I began to undertake, nurtured a resilience and proactive determination within me to be better and learn more. Resolving my stress and actually coming out the other side a stronger person, led me to consider therapy as something that I could and should do.
I had already experienced hypnosis and NLP many years earlier when a lovely life coach (whom I am pleased to say I am still in touch with to this day), helped me overcome insomnia. Our successful work together prompted me to read vast swathes of books on the subject (more NLP than hypnosis back then) and I made a commitment to myself that, at some point in my future, I would invest in training to learn more about the subjects of NLP, modelling excellence and personal development.
Following my experiences with coaching and therapy to overcome stress, I became an avid reader of absolutely anything I could get my hands on relative to coaching, counselling and personal development; Books on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other various therapeutic approaches and ideologies, self help books, social psychology, neuroscience, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, NLP and anything I thought would give me insight.
Because of my personal experiences in overcoming stress, the personal and professional progress I had made as a result and my interest in sharing what I was learning with colleagues and peers, was also asked by some of Morgan Stanley's senior Managing Directors to help a few colleagues going through their own personal issues at work. Finding myself in a position to positively help and influence others really made it clear to me what I wanted to do were I ever to consider a career beyond trading (or as an adjunct to).
I eventually left to form my own trading consultancy company and which would give me a greater freedom to facilitate a process of study, obtaining qualifications in CBT, Hypnotherapy, NLP and developing my own style of helping others. Some of the major influences I have had in developing my own style have been Anthony Robbins (who's work I studied in the Core100 training programme) and the Positive Psychology movement as well as my own client research and adaptions and enhancements of established techniques.

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In addition I offer a number of professional training services and formerly owned and ran  Advanced Hypnosis Training Ltd, an Accredited Hypnotherapy Training School. I am also the proud sponsor and organiser of the UK Hypnosis Convention 2017.