Experienced Trader and Risk Manager

As a former Executive Director at Wall Street Investment Bank Morgan Stanley, and having a consistent and profitable track record as a trader and team leader, in recent years my services as a discretionary trading consultant and coach have been retained by both private trading companies and HNW investors.

Business Owner, Advisor & Consultant

As a business owner and investor, and having run businesses on behalf of others, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Because of this, I work as both a business consultant and results coach in sectors as diverse as Finance, Insurance and Commodity Broking, Construction and New Startups and have a number of clients who have retained my services in both capacities.

Results Coach & Personal Development Specialist

As a trained coach and therapist, who has been invited to share their expertise as far afield as Brazil, Europe and the USA, I am not only able to recognise and help with the strategical problems experienced by my clients, but also the personal and performance issues they and their teams face. Many consultants and business coaches can identify the human problems and personnel dynamics contributing to business productivity, but few are as qualified or experienced to offer immediate solutions or support to address them.